Mx4 NC executive CNC Programming

The Mx4 NC Executive offers a full range of CNC controllers, all of which use the Mx4 hardware family known for their patented parallel processing DSPs in the market. Mx4 NC Executive combines the advantages of a computer, motion controller and a PLC all in a single unit. Establishing the basic design and features of the entire line, the NC Executive is a competitively priced high performance controller designed on Win95 and NT platforms. Using open architecture design with standard PC components, this unit includes a plug-and-play 4-8 axis system controller. About Mx4 Family Open Architecture Because of open architecture design, Mx4 controller systems give you the highest degree of flexibility in designing your machine tool solution.

Mx4 NC Front Pannel You can install a fully integrated and completely self contained stand alone system or you can select only the Mx4 on a PC/VME or a Multibus platform. Regardless of the selected platform and number of axes, all Mx4 products use state-of-the-art Multi-DSP technology and share the same programming language. The high performance Mx4 motion controller boards are available in several different configurations to suit your computer control, performance and price requirements. While Mx4 provides the control for up to 4 axes (stand alone or bus level), Mx4 Octavia supports programming for up to 8 axes all on the same PC card. The Motion Controller Language and Diagnostics The development diagnostics includes multiple oscilloscopes, a signal generator and a graphical I/O testing capability. NC Executive Front End Features Built in user interface Real time program execution display the real time position, error and velocity display real time graphical display Real-time feedoverride Easy-to-use On-line program editing Windows 95 and NT Support Real-time I/O status Tool data setup screens Work coordinate setup screen Real time I/O status reporting Touch Probe Feature.