DSPowerLink Automation Master - motion & network

The DSPowerLink Automation Master is one the most popular and versatile Ethernet Automation units in the market. Essentially, this System Automation Master combines the power of Hard & Soft motion Controller in the same unit. This means, you can use the Master simply as an Industrial Ethernet Network Manager (e.g., PowerLink Master Controller) and generate your own motion commands in a PC - or - in conjunction with your PC-based software, use the card's internal motion control capabilities in time-critical coordination and synchronizations. Due to their protocol conversion feature, these units can also be used in Multi Protocol applications

ETHERNET Powerlink (EPL) is a deterministic real-time protocol for standard Ethernet. EPL expands Ethernet with a mixed polling and time-slicing mechanism that brings:

a) Guaranteed transfer of time-critical data in very short isochronous cycles with a configurable response time
b) Time-synchronization of all nodes in the network with sub-microsecond precision

c) Transmission of less time-critical data in a reserved asynchronous channel

DSPowerlink is an EPL (Ethernet Powerlink) network card that can be used either with a DSPCG motion controller or independently, in PCI card form, with user PC software. In either configuration, it provides 100 Mbps of real time Isochronous network speed for remote I/O and motor drive applications. Download ... product brochure