DSPNet Automation Master - motion & network

The DSPNet Automation Master is one the most advanced and versatile Ethernet Automation units in the market. Essentially, a System Automation Master combines the power of Hard & Soft motion Controller in the same unit. This means, you can use the Master simply as an Industrial Ethernet Network Manager (e.g., DSPNet Master Controller) and generate your own motion commands in a PC - or - in conjunction with your PC-based software, use the card's internal motion control capabilities in time-critical coordination and synchronizations. Due to their protocol conversion feature, these units can also be used in Multi Protocol applications.

A high-speed digital network (designed by DSP Control Group) for motion control applications that transmits torque/speed commands from the motion controller to all servo-amplifiers in the ring. This network is based on the IEEE 802.3 physical layer and has the following features:

a) Its speed is 100 Mbits/s
b) With its recovery algorithm for cable breakage it's infinitely safer for industrial applications

c) Its transmission packet size is programmable - and it provides the 10 microsecond transmission bandwidth required in very high-speed coordinated motion systems

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