Add-on 5-8 axis drive commutation control board


The Vx8++ drive controller performs all control functions commonly performed on the logic board of an AC (or DC) servo drive amplifier. On a Vx8++ card, these functions are repeated eight times, once per axis. To better visualize the functionality of a Vx8++ in a motion control system, it must be put in contrast with a common servo amplifier. In a traditional system the position controller output goes through a D to A converter. This analog voltage controls the torque or velocity loop of a servo amplifier. The Vx8++ outputs its pwm and inhibit signals to a “power stage”. Functions such as sinusoidal commutation, current loop, velocity loop, peak current limit and the like are performed on the logic board of a servo amplifier. These functions are collectively performed by a Vx8++, eliminating the entire signal processing demand on the logic board of a servo amplifier.