5 to 8 axis PC-based motion controller


The Mx4000PC_OCT (Mx4 Octavia) is an 8-axis ISA or PCI bus controller designed to address the needs of 5-8 axis motion computer control applications. The Mx4 Octavia is the industry's most powerful parallel processing motion controller; both in performance and functionality in factory automation. The Mx4 Octavia is fueled by Texas Instruments DSPs arranged in a quad hyper cube DSP architecture. This configuration yields over 100 million instructions per second of parallel processing power. This processing capability translates to controller features such as direct NURBS interface, coordinated 8-axis cubic spline interpolation, 16 microsecond control loop update rate, complex trajectory compensations and multi-stage notch filter implementations.

The Mx4000PC_OCT is 100% software/hardware compatible with Mx4 and Mx4 cnC++. Software developed on Mx4/Mx4 cnC++ can be migrated to Mx4 Octavia.The Mx4 Octavia communicates to the host through an expanded 8 kbyte dual port RAM interface. This interface supports real-time command rate executions of 200 microsecond, as well 8-axis state variable and controller status updates at 200 microsecond intervals. In addition to real time command (RTC) and contouring programming, the Mx4 Octavia includes concurrent DSPL and PLC programmability, running simultaneously with RTCs and contouring.

The Mx4 Octavia is 100% connector compatible with Mx4/Mx4 cnC++. Eight axes are included on the main board, no daughterboards are necessary. The J7 and J6 50-pin headers include the servo command / encoder feedback connectorization for axes 1-4 and axes 5-8, respectively. Mx4 Octavia I/O comprises 32 digital inputs and 32 digital outputs.