4 axis PC-based host programmable motion controller

The Mx4000PC_COMP (Mx4 Compact) pn ISA and PCI is a two to four-axis, PC bus-based motion controller, which is commanded by the host through the user C, C++, or Visual Basic programs.


The Mx4 Compact incorporates a high-speed patented multi-DSP parallel processing architecture. Unlike the Mx4, Mx4 Compact lacks an on-board DSPL programming capability. However, through the Mx4 comprehensive C and Visual Basic libraries, the host may transmit the high level Mx4 commands via the user's application program.

The Mx4000PC_COMP is the world's fastest multi-task coordinated motion controller. This controller's algorithms are well suited for coordinated applications like CNC, robotics, packaging, material handling, semiconductor manufacturing, and general automation. The Mx4 is also available on VME and multibus platforms. The computer control structure used by Mx4 is state feedback.