4 axis PC-based CNC Controller

The Mx4000PC_cnC++ (Mx4 CNC) is a four-axis, PC bus-based CNC motion controller, which complies with all ISA and PCI bus timing standards and contains a large dual port RAM memory space for its cubic spline and NURBS contouring.The Mx4 CNC is supported by Mx4 NC Executive -- as a powerful Windows-based G-code development tool.

The Mx4 CNC incorporates a patented high speed multi-DSP parallel processing architecture. Its programming support includes an on-board contouring command set which utilizes the Mx4's DSP processing power, enabling the controller to perform computer, PLC, and motion controller functions in control applications.

The Mx4000PC_cnC++ is the world's fastest multi-task coordinated motion controller. This controller's algorithms are well suited for coordinated applications like CNC, robotics, packaging, material handling, semiconductor manufacturing, and general factory automation. The Mx4 CNC is also available on VME and multibus platforms.