Acc8000 - DeviceNet & CAN bus network interface

The ACC8000-DevNet (DeviceNet Interface module) allows the Mx4 Octavia to be programmed and monitored through DeviceNet by a variety of PLCs and master/scanners. It features complete DeviceNet conformance with the DSP Motion Controller device type. The DeviceNet Interface implements the ODVA Group 2 Predefined Master/Slave Connection using both Explicit Messaging and Polled I/O. MacId and Baud rate are switch-selectable with non-volatile storage for one-time programming over DeviceNet. The ACC8000-DevNet interface circuitry includes short circuit and open wire protection, optical isolation, and 125K/250K/500K Baud rates. Module and Network status indicators and fault detection software provide easy means of network maintenance. An Electronic Data Sheet is available for this product.